Biologically Enhanced Soldiers

A couple of pieces on so-called “mutant” or biologically enhanced soldiers which may be of interest:

In The Atlantic,  Patrick Lin ponders the ethical conundrums of enhancing the bodies of soldiers through drugs, implants, and exoskeletons. Interestingly, Lin references the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki as indicating providing clear limits against such experimentation and also notes the possibility that enhanced soldiers will be considered “biological weapons” under the relevant Convention.

At Wired, David Axe, looks at the possibility of such ‘bio-enhanced ‘soldiers becoming a reality given past and current interest by military scientists. Axe’s general conclusion is that interest is strong but technology is currently at a foundational stage.  In regard to the ‘offensive’ use of biological intervention, Axe notes some pretty threatening advances including the use of targeted viruses.  


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