Downloadable Guns and the 24 Year Old With A Dangerous Idea

Cody. R. Wilson (below), a stolid looking but still fresh faced 24 years old law student from Texas, supports an idea so controversial, that he was recently named by Wired Magazine as one of the 15 Most Dangerous People in the World.

What could this young American have done to warrant such a title?

He is the founder of a not-for-profit organisation called Defence Distributed, also know as the ‘Wiki Weapon Project’ an advocacy group centred around the development of technology and widespread availability of  3D printable firearms.

I have written about the dangers of 3D printing in the past, and the proliferation of an online  physical arms trade as a growing cause for concern. How these risks will be managed if widespread availability of downloadable firearms designs is available is difficult to fathom. However, for Wilson and his supporters who hold a narrowly libertarian view of society,  such concerns are unlikely to hold much weight.


(image source – Wired)


Secret Online Weapons Store

Anyone can now buys firearms over the internet (via Gizmodo).