United Nations Investigation Into Drones To Begin

In case you hadn’t heard, the UN Human Rights Council is set to investigate the use of drones in targeted killings by the US, Israeli and UK governments . Wired has a nice profile of the head of the inquiry Ben Emmerson,  who is the U.N.’s special rapporteur for human rights and counterterrorism.  Emmerson’s statements reflect an acceptance of drone warfare as a modern reality but shows a determination to understand the risks involved in the use of drones and their long-term consequences for civilian causalities and human rights abuses.


Blame The Machine – David Axe on Drone Warfare

David Axe. of the excellent ‘War Is Boring’, talks in this video about drone systems, and how – if given the appearance of an autonomous voice – drone warfare will allow operators to “blame the machine” for missed military targets or other mishaps which kill civilians. The video is in connection with this lengthier article on drones called ‘Deadlier Drones Are Coming’.