Cyber-Outlaws Bringing the LOLz

So, our favourite quasi-supervillans have certainly been keeping me amused this morning:


… and these were just what I stumbled upon this morning.


The Bizarre Tale of John McAfee

Wired tells the story of John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates and developer of the well known anti-virus software, whose recent investigation by Belize officials for murder has been a gripping tail of cat and mouse.. However, McAfee’s story is a bizarre even before the death of his neighbour in Belize, of which the police suspect foul play. The technology magnate had been living a playboy lifestyle on the central American country complete with guns, drugs and a 17 year old girlfriend. After his initial suspicion for murder, McAfee ran, only for his location to be unwittingly revealed by Vice magazine publishing an image including metadata of his location.  After this, there had been a long failed attempt at seeking asylum in Guatemala, before finally returning to the United States.  Overall, the tale of John McAfee depicts a troubled man who may have overestimated his own genius.

(Image via DailyTelegraph)

Space Warfare

Interesting interview in Foreign Policy Magazine on the cross-inspirations of naval warfare and SciFi.

Just for Fun: 18th Century Decapitation Myths

Heard the story of the severed head which blinked in response to questions? The idea that decapitation allows for a brief moment of consciousness within the detached brain – in some versions up to an hour – is a tale reportedly dating back to the 18th century.  Wonderfully morbid medical historian Lindsey Fitzharris takes a look at whether there is any truth to it.