Use of Gun Fired DNA Tags In Law Enforcement

PopSci has an interesting article on a DNA gun design from a UK security firm which could be used by security and law enforcement personal to shoot criminals with a DNA marker in order to mark them for later arrest.

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Report: Neuroscience, Conflict and Security

The Royal Society has released its report on the application of  neuroscience in a military and law enforcement context. The report focuses on two specific applications: (1) performance enhancement of military/police personnel and (2) performance degradation of perceived enemies.   Of particular personal  interest was Part 3 which outlines how any new advance in weaponry is likely to be effected by existing customary, humanitarian and human rights law.

US Mugshot Websites Face Legal Challenge

An Ohio man who found his police booking photo on  mugshot websites is suing those sites on the basis that the mugshot publishing industry is violating his right of publicity (Read more on Wired).

Designing Out Cybercrime

Much like environmental design can tackle home invasions and burglaries, can cybercrime be ‘designed out’? Nigel Phair takes a look.

Assange to break silence

Julian Assange to release statement at 2pm local / 11pm AEST today (Source ABC)

Secret Online Weapons Store

Anyone can now buys firearms over the internet (via Gizmodo).

Stalker App Allows Men To Track Women

A new app called Girls Around Me merges Facebook and Foursquare data with Google maps to track the nearest women via GPS.  Female (and male) Facebook or Foursquare users could unknowingly be signalling their whereabouts by using social networking apps. Unlike other applications which can track whereabouts like the gay-dating app Grindr there is no ‘opt out’ of the system leaving the potential for women to be victims of crime, particularly stalking.  For a full summary check out this article on ZDnet.