CF Roundup – Nano-Drones, Are Body Parts Property?, Anonymous Gets the Bankers, Cyber-9/11 and Tracking Sex Offenders

A roundup from the cyberspace:

  • Drones get even more Orwellian, with British Troops using ‘Black Hornet’  – a nano copter the size of the palm of your hand (Wired). 
  • A new article ponders where exactly body parts fall within classical property theory (EHLN, article with subscription).
  • Finally, a new study indicates that the use of geospatial technologies to track sex offenders could prove effective (ScienceDaily).

Robot Morality, Anonymous, Sarin in Syria and Myths of the Chinese Internet – An FC Round Up

  • The New Yorker has a piece on the vexing questions raised by automated machines – from driverless cars to drones – and how we can “teach them” to act ethically. 
  • Bloomberg has a free-market argument against restrictive Copyright.
  • Wired has an opinion piece by Sally Wentworth of The Internet Society – providing great commentary on the possible changes to international arrangements for telecommunications networks coming out of the World Conference on International Telecommunications. Wentworth’s concerns are very serious, indicating that large telecommunications providers could be undermining open education goals of the internet.
  • Foreign Policy has a great piece busting the myths about the ‘Great Chinese Firewall‘ and just how restrictive its reach is.
  • A terrifying post on Wired about the risk of sarin chemical weapons finding themselves into terrorist cells in Syria.
  • Another Wired piece on Anonymous Spokesperson Barrett Brown’s arrest for hacking Stratfor credit card numbers.

FC – Round Up

To make up from my lack of posts lately during exam time, here is a bit of a link-fest.

  • Charlotte Dawson speaks out about her experience with ‘cyber trolls’ which led to her hospitalisation.
  • Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg has been arrested in Cambodia.
  • Israel denies (but video seems to suggest) Hamas as obtained a downed  Israeli drone.
  •  Anonymous has begun digital attacks targeting the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs.
  • A great piece of investigative journalism looking at hacktivists in Syria.
  • PlayStation’s ‘master key’ leaked online allowing more pirated games.