Man Robbed After Dating App Invitation

A man has been gagged and robbed with a firearm after inviting another man he had met  via dating app Skout  to his inner-Sydney home (via The Age). Concerns about geo-locating apps have been noted in the past as facilitating  crimes against the person, and indicates the need for greater caution when using these applications.


Trolling as Performance Art

With the recent controversy over online harassment in Australia, and my post over whether we should criminalise it, it is was interesting to read about a woman called Andy Kauffman, who views trolling a ‘performance art’. (source The Age)

Stalker App Allows Men To Track Women

A new app called Girls Around Me merges Facebook and Foursquare data with Google maps to track the nearest women via GPS.  Female (and male) Facebook or Foursquare users could unknowingly be signalling their whereabouts by using social networking apps. Unlike other applications which can track whereabouts like the gay-dating app Grindr there is no ‘opt out’ of the system leaving the potential for women to be victims of crime, particularly stalking.  For a full summary check out this article on ZDnet.